What I appreciate most about my time with Jenn is her honesty, she is a master of it, and she knows exactly when to hold the mirror up and allow you to see what you already know deep down. She delivers a great amount of insights in all her words, and she knows exactly when your own words need to be reflected back at you. One of my most powerful moments with her was when I was getting lost in my own story of my fear of failure, and she simply responded with, “Are you sure it isn’t a fear of success?” That moment was so powerful. She is truly a gift and I am grateful for her and the work that she does.    - J.M.

Jenn has a way of drawing you in right from the start. She has the  wisdom of an old soul and shares her wit with just the right amount of  humor! Jenn has guided me to see the world from a fresh perspective,  with gentle reminders and caring reassurances. She's passionate about  helping others but she's no pushover! You won't be able to B.S. your way  around this lady because she'll see you coming. She "gets it" and I'm  thrilled to have worked with her.  - M.A. 

Brian is a true professional! He can hear and feed back what's really being said and what is needing to be heard.  In addition, his follow-up and clear perceptions are top notch. Working with him has allowed my passion and drive to re-emerge!

- J.D.

What an INCREDIBLE experience to be coached by Jenn!! She is a  fabulous tapestry of your best friend who you've known forever and wise  old soul who threads wisdom into your life. I found myself captivated,  encouraged and empowered to take the next step in my journey.  M.S.   

Jenn  is a life coach who clearly understands the art of communication. She  has a gift of being able to be direct in the most kind and humble way.  She is persistent and thorough to ensure I don't miss what is right in  front of me. Jenn has made a huge difference in terms of altering my  mindset and perspective.   B.H.

Jenn Reddy is a power broker of energy. She is able to connect quickly and deeply to what’s coming up for you - and Jenn reflects back your best self even when you are at your worst. The result is an ability to see your greatest potential. Jenn has the profound ability to listen closely and consciously, to give spot-on advice with many options that speak to your soul. Her immense energy and focus are a laser beam connecting where you are to where you want to go.  Last year, I was going through a major life transition. Jenn provided a platform for me to be seen and heard, to make plans and goals that were attainable and also limitless in their potential. She had key advice for me that allowed me to see what I was missing, too. The result has been a continued clarity about where I am, a commitment to my goals grounded in exquisite self care and a focus about my purpose rooted in deep truth.  

- J.C.