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How it all works

So you want more information...


Click on the Contact Us tab and call us or fill out the form.  There's also a new client .pdf at the bottom of the site.  Reading through it and maybe even answering the questions is a great way to find out if you're looking for this kind of change in your life at this time.

What do we do?


We start with a get to know each other life coaching session.  It's free and exactly like it sounds.  We ask you questions, you ask us questions.  We talk about what you're wanting to work on, and what kind of help feels useful to you.

After that, we discuss how often we're going to have sessions and how fast you want to get where you're going.  We set goals together and figure how best to get there.  Often there is homework, there are check-ins to help keep you on track, and lots of accountability to keep you with your health and positive thinking.

Where do we do sessions?


Most one on one sessions are done by phone no matter where our clients are located as that is usually easiest for everyones schedule and time zone.

If you're located in the Asheville, NC or Birmingham, AL areas we offer in person sessions.  Those can happen most anywhere from a coffee shop, to a hike, or in a gym. There are no rules for how this has to look and lots of flexibility to make it work for you.  We also travel to other areas for intensives when needed.  

What about classes and groups?


Most are online and either videos and exercises you do on your own and with us OR virtual online group classes.  We also create retreats and gatherings for in-person classes and workshops.

Client Forms

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