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Fall 2018 Update


Thrive: Asheville

October 12-14, 2018
A wellness retreat for mind, body and spirit.

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An intimate gathering in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for practical, real life in the trenches, everyday movement forward. Seminars, workshops and discussion groups designed to help take you from where you are, to where you want to go. A weekend designed to support you thriving - because we know what it means to arrive, only to discover it doesn’t look the way you thought.
You’ve already got the skills. You know all the tools. This is about putting them to use in ways that will keep you moving forward amongst the day to day challenges life throws our way. Plus, new strategies and support systems to help you deal with what is, while we help you cultivate what’s next. 


Well, more like an online super deep workshop about abundance.  Specifically, your relationship with money, and how to get more of it.

This is an ongoing weekly group, and book club, and self assessment with support and accountability, and discussion of our triggers and fears and those oh so epic, Limiting Beliefs.

Price is $5/week!!!!! - with 1/2 of everything you put in coming back to you at the end of the course. We want you to join us and are keeping the investment small on purpose.  If you walk away forever changed and more abundant, it was well worth the money.  If not, you didn't lose much.

This class is registering and filling up NOW.  Click HERE  to register

We are changing our pricing structure!!!!

We are aware that some of our clients are very financially abundant. They have epic careers, or investments that have paid off, or books/songs/movies that have done well.  Some of our clients are starting new ventures and creating new lives in ways that leave their checking account with a few less commas. In appreciation of our amazing clientele, and awareness of all ends of the abundance spectrum, we are doing away with our pricing structure.  We are now operating under a model that focuses more on our clients perceived value of our services and their ability to pay.  One on one sessions are now starting at $50 and couples sessions at $80

Here is our ask in return... If you are one who has the ability to pay more, please do so.  It helps keep the lights on so to speak and gives us the room to offer services at lower rates to others.  If you are one who can barely keep the lights on yourself, pay it forward when things ease up for you financially so that others may benefit.  

Future Events

Other upcoming events

Let Asheville Lead: The Shift From Fear To Love - November 2018

2nd Annual Ignite: Asheville - April 2019

Couples: Asheville - June 2019

Also, in other epic related news, Transformation Coaching is growing!  We have now created RHS Wellness with Marie Senizaiz to be the new home of our all future event and wellness offerings.

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