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Spring 2018 Update

We've been busy over here!!!  Brian and Jenn partnered with Marie Senizaiz (https://www.jrni.co/coaches?name=mariesenizaiz) and JRNI.co (https://www.jrni.co) to lead a first of it's kind retreat and damn! did we have a a blast.  46 of us gathered at the Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC for Ignite: Asheville. It was 3 days of discussion and workshops about Passion, Pleasure and Purpose.  Also, fun, connection, growth, and renewal.  More pictures and videos to come!

Also, we have remembered how much we love leading retreats!  We are creating more as I type.  So far on the list is one in October 2018 and another in April 2019.  Get us your email address if you would like to know more.

We are changing our pricing structure!!!!

We are aware that some of our clients are very financially abundant. They have epic careers, or investments that have paid off, or books/songs/movies that have done well.  Some of our clients are starting new ventures and creating new lives in ways that leave their checking account with a few less commas. In appreciation of our amazing clientele, and awareness of all ends of the abundance spectrum, we are doing away with our pricing structure.  We are now operating under a model that focuses more on our clients perceived value of our services and their ability to pay.  One on one sessions are now starting at $30 and 4-week classes are now starting at $50. We have no desire to make you prove anything, honor system applies heavily here.

Here is our ask in return... If you are one who has the ability to pay more, please do so.  It helps keep the lights on so to speak and gives us the room to offer services at lower rates.  If you are one who can barely keep the lights on yourself, pay it forward when things ease up for you financially so that others may benefit.  

And finally... Our next round of groups and classes begin May 15. We had to push the start date back a bit to accommodate the retreat that we just did.  If you've been waiting to sign up, fill out the contact us form and we'll get you in.

Future Events

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