Sessions and Classes

Individual Coaching


What do you want to improve? Where do you want to go? Is how much you earn or how you see yourself when you look in the mirror? What about your goals? Are you hitting them? Do you know how to? And what about fun?  Had any lately? What if you could have fun, hit your personal benchmarks, and love yourself?

Relationship Coaching


Not couples therapy, this work is all about where you're going.  How are you both going to get there?  What do you each bring to the relationship? Are you doing it together? What does your best life with each other look like?

And if you're on the brink and not sure if you can make it, we can help you figure it out with love and evolution for all involved.

Family Coaching


Want more ease and flow in your household? More consciousness around everyone's needs and wants and communication styles? What about a plan on how to handle conflict and big feelings? Time together that is enjoyable, and time apart that is guilt free? 

It's completely possible! We help you all hear each other, make a master plan for your unit and each individual being so that all needs are being met, and help you find more joy in your time together.

Working Through Money Blocks and Increasing Your Dollars


This is less class and more online super deep workshop about abundance.  Specifically, your relationship with money, and how to get more of it.

This is an ongoing weekly group, and book club, and self assessment with support and accountability, and discussion of our triggers and fears and those oh so epic, Limiting Beliefs.  

All while moving forward towards tangible, measurable goals that show actual growth and success.

Price is $5/week!!!!! 

This is a limited size group and is closed as of September 1st.  

Mind/Body Connection for Peak Performance


Why  is mind and body connection important? Everything we do is influenced  by this connection. Optimal performance as a human is achieved when both  are functioning at a high level. Mental sharpness is higher when our  body is running efficiently. Physical performance is consistent when our  minds are sharp and focused. We tend to spend time investing in one  area or the other, often resulting in a state of vibration that is short  of our potential. Take a six week look at where your current connection  lies and ways to improve and sustain peak performance. 

Change Your Story, Change Your Life


One of Jenn's personal favorites!  This four week class is filled with a fun one hour call with Jenn, writing assignments, and homework that's all about making shit up for fun.  

What you get? A brand new story line that transforms your outlook on a topic that's been bringing you down.  Not to mention a super cool skill set that helps you apply it liberally to the rest of your life.  

Looking at Our Shadow, Loving Our Ego


This class should be called "Learn to Fall In Love With Your Inner Asshole".  We all have a shadow side and learning to love them rather then fear them is the difference between having a brilliantly trained (and fiercely loyal!) guard dog versus a mutt that eats your favorite shoes.  

This class is 4 weeks long and includes videos, articles, writing assignments, emailed homework, and 2 half hour calls with one of us to check in and work through any blocks you're having.

Stop Asking Questions


Information  is power, we know this to be true. At any given time, we only need so  much information in order to achieve a goal, make a change or choose a  new path. More questions will not only slow down your journey, but may  actually prevent if from ever beginning. Stop asking questions. Identify  what you want, where you want to be and start moving in that direction.  This class is designed to help identify key short term and long term  goals, as well as any barriers in the way of achieving them.